Why does OptionPanda boast huge potential?

The crypto market is now facing completely opposite situations. On the one hand, countries such as China and the United States have introduced strict regulations and policies to crackdown the growth of blockchain. In particular, we are seeing continuous negative reports that China is clearing out mining sites and banning bitcoin transactions; on the other hand, Bitcoin is undergoing a completely opposite situation in small and medium sized countries. Saldova has announced to use Bitcoin as the country’s fiat currency and more countries have revealed their intentions to adopt a similar policy. Traditional financial institutions from Wall Street have also entered the the crypto market and have launched a set of services related to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The influx of institutions has pushed the crypto market to hedge risk

The blockchain prior to May 19 had been widely seen as a bull market powered by institutions: the price of bitcoin was pushed up by the mass entry of traditional financial institutions.

Traditional companies and institutions such as Tesla and Meitu have added major cryptocurrencies into their asset allocation scheme, and thereby raised the social recognition of digital assets. Well-known financial institutions like Grayscale, PayPal, Rohinhood, Goldman Sachs and others have also enabled transaction services for crypto assets and derivatives, which has significantly lowered the investment threshold in the blockchain and increased the participation of ordinary investors. All these have contributed to strengthening the linkage between the digital asset market and the traditional financial market.

Investment institutions, including BlackRock, SkyBridge Capital, Bridgewater Fund, New York Digital Investment Group, and Union Square, have invested over $8 billion in the crypto market, with the heaviest coming from ForUsAll, a retirement investment platform that recently started 401k plans. In their announcement, they stated that for the first time, they will allow employees to add cryptocurrencies that include bitcoin and other mainstream DeFi tokens of more than 50 types to their investment portfolios.

Even in China, there is already a pilot crypto market in Hong Kong.

Part of mainstream investment institutions’ engagement with the blockchain

For the crypto market, it is not only a huge inflow of traffic and money but also causes huge pressure on its financial facilities, which are await for urgent upgrates to accommodate these giant predators from the traditional financial market.

These capital are aggressive wolves that have the most acute sense of money, as well as risks. They are the people who are averse to risk and uncertainty the most. They calculate the most subtle price changes, pay attention to the most detailed data statements, and guard against possible risks thousands of miles away.

In this sense, their attention to and engagement with the blockchain give very rare opportunities and provide huge markets for crypto insurance projects, option projects, fixed rate agreements, etc.

OptionPanda is in place, waiting to fly with the trend

OptionPanda, as a rising star in the crypto option field, has a team that is well-experienced and skilled to provide the most unique and crypto-compatible option products in the blockchain.

At the same time, OptionPanda’s product design considers all potential risks faced by users and provides excellent protection for the rights of market makers, traders, and holders, etc. This is a huge attraction for institutional traders.

OptionPanda’s product also features pricing scheme that allows fast, flexible, sensitive pricing. Traders can concentrate on transactions without excessive distractions on other administration matters, such as option execution.

Since its launch, OptionPanda has been recognized by many in the blockchain. Its products have seen very high usage and attract many active users, as shown in the chart below.

OptionPan’s platform token OPA, has a very solid capability to capture the value of transaction fees. After the demand in the option market is unleashed, the value of OPA will see a corresponding increase.

OptionPanda is a community-oriented project. According to its roadmap, the community will eventually lead the development of the project. It is reported that OptionPanda will soon start the OPA DAO and only OPA holders can participate in the development and governance process of the project and be the manager of the protocol.

Both its distinctive strength and the overall promising future market have paved the way for OptionPanda and enabled it to enjoy a bright future.




Option Panda is a decentralized options underwriting & trading exchange which supports Ethereum and Binance Smart. Join us: https://t.me/opandaofficial

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Option Panda

Option Panda

Option Panda is a decentralized options underwriting & trading exchange which supports Ethereum and Binance Smart. Join us: https://t.me/opandaofficial

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