Option Panda

Jul 10, 2021

4 min read

Where to find guaranteed income in the volatile market? OptionPanda is the beacon

Recently, global regulation of the crypto market has been ramped up, with China implementing the toughest mining clearance policy. The British government requires Binance to suspend all operations and advertising activities within the UK; the Canadian province of Ontario demands Bybit to stop transactions of securities and derivatives. In addition, exchanges such as Huobi and BSC have suspended contract transaction services or even all services for certain regions to varying degrees, including mainland China, the UK, the US, Israel, etc.

But at the same time, the decentralized derivatives field has received attention from and gained population among capital. Take the last half month for instance. Several projects received capital investment: Tracer DAO, a decentralized derivatives protocol, announced the completion of $4.5 million in financing from investors including Framework Ventures; SynFutures, a decentralized derivatives exchange, completed $14 million presale to investors led by Polychain. And before that, dydx got $65 million financing. Stories like these are often heard.

When the God closes a door, he opens a window for you. This capital boom in DeFi, and the restriction of derivatives on centralized exchanges, direct us to the ensured investment in DeFi derivatives.

Token Terminal data shows that the current top 10 most profitable protocols on the blockchain include 4 derivatives projects of synthetic, perpetual, dydx, and hegic.

So how to find a guaranteed investment with higher returns?

One option is through try and error by investing a certain amount of money in each of these agreements.

Another approach is to look for projects that enjoy broad prospects, great teams, and excellent products, and invest at an early stage. OptionPanda, the option protocol, embodies such qualities and boasts great potential, making itself a perfect investment candidate.

The OptionPanda team has designed their option products based on the characteristics of the crypto market. Specifically, its short-term European style options perfectly fit the diverse needs of professional traders, ordinary investors and hedging institutions in the crypto market: whether you are looking to maximize your profit, hedge against potential risks, or simply seek the thrill of betting against the market, OptionPanda can meet your needs.

Among its advantages, there are 4 distinctive strengths worth mentioning:

1. Fast, simple and flexible option transactions

Users only need to predict the market to respond to sudden changes. The on-chain transaction fee is low, and there is no trivial operation such as manually exercising the options. The purchased options can be transferred and traded as well.

2. More complete market-making capital protection and higher capital utilization

Market makers can diversify their assets into different option pools to improve utilization and strengthen risk resistance. Meanwhile, LP tokens can also be traded.

3. Professional and transparent option pricing and settlement

The volatility Sigma of options will be automatically adjusted according to the utilization rate of funds in the pool through smart contracts which provide the most flexible option prices; options transactions are settled with USDT and delivered with token standard, thereby avoiding the impermanent losses caused by exchange rate and price changes.

4. Multiple ways for users to earn platform token OPA

For traders, market makers and ordinary token holders, there are multiple channels to obtain diverse revenues, such as market making income, mining income and staking income.

OptionPanda’s outstanding product design has been proven by the positive feedback from the market: its platform token OPA was over subscribed for 333 times in the IEO on Gate.io.

Although OptionPanda is a relatively young project, the derivatives field is still a pristine field to be explored. Up till now, there is no project with an absolute competitive advantage.

At the same time, with the gradual launch of Ethereum layer2 and the rise of emerging high-performance public chains, derivative protocols affiliated with Ethereum that once were limited by Ethereum’s capabilities now have access to better infrastructure to realize their product design. While projects improve the products, they will also further release market demand. Therefore, it is fair to say that OptionPanda is at the same level as its rivals.

Thanks to the strong market demand, the team’s excellent strength and great product designs, OptionPanda is the beacon that directs you to investments with guaranteed returns.